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Advertising Price - Web Ads
We can help promote your business at our web site!


AMCTE offers effective online advertising package. Let us help to promote your business. If you become a member of the association we will put your logo at our web site for free for the first year! 


Price: 0  for new members for the first year.!

Each next year the price for advertisement at our web site will be only 30.00           

Our price includes the following items and specifications.

  • We allow any Animated or Flash files to be included in our pages.
  • You could advertise your company only with company logo plus additional graphics (artwork or photos, provided by client).
  • You could advertise your company only with description of your company or products, (200 to 300 words of text) including contact information.
  • Logos and Photos should be approximately 300 x 200 pixels in size for faster loading.
  • Your banner will be putted at all our web pages.
  • Artwork or photos must provided by client.

All prices are quoted in EUR and do not include applicable taxes. You must pay additional 20 % VAT



For more information on advertising at our Web page , please contact 

Advertising Director

e-mail: advertisement@amcte.org    

















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