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The Transport, Construction & Engineering Journal

   The TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING is the official journal of the „Association by mechanical, civil and transport engineering” /AMСTE/. It is published 3 times on year and available to all members of AMCTE as part of their membership dues and to non-members by subscription.

    The aims of the association are to provide individuals in the transport, civil engineering and mechanical engineering industry with information regarding new technology, management best practices and the general sharing of occupational projects, innovation and news.

   Each issue, the TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING features articles written by professionals from the field of transport, civil and mechanical engineering, AMCTE staff, and outside contributors who share their expertise and provide the latest innovations, design, construction and management.

The subscribtion for non-members of the association for each calendar year is  ˆ 18 /euro/, with shipping and handling.

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    The TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING readers turn the pages of this  journal, looking for products and services that help them do their jobs better, faster, and more economically. Add The Parking Professional to your marketing mix and you'll be sure to reach interested  professionals, ready to invest in your products and services.


    Professionals from the field of transport, civil and mechanical engineering turn to TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING for the latest trends, products, and services.

    TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING is the journal of the Association by mechanical, civil and transport enginnering (AMCTE). TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING is published 3 times each calendar year and sent to subscribers comprised of company owners, CEOs, senior executives and front line managers, municipalities, universities…those who make the decisions and who share this magzine with thousands of fellow employees, clients, and other professionals from the field of transport, construction and engineering. The readers of the magazine are private operators, municipal, institutional, and non-profit organizations, industry consultants including architects and engineers, and other  professionals are all represented in TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING’s readership.

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ISSN: 1314-8494

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